Document for Relic
St. Ignatius Loyola

This is a closeup of the document, commonly referred to as an "authentic".
Given the abuses that occurred with relics during the Middle Ages, the Council of Trent decreed that all relics must be accompanied by such a document. While typically written in latin, it was not a requirement. It is not unusual to find them written in french, spanish, and in the case of some more recent american relics, english.
While the exact wording may vary slightly, the basic form is the same for all.

An english translation of the latin for this particular authentic is provided below.
(our thanks to Quintus' Latin Transalation Service )



Clemens by the mercy of God Bishop of Velletri
His Reverend Eminence Cardinal Micara
Vicar General of the Roman Curia of our most Holy Lord the Pope,
and engaged as his Ordinary Judge etc.

                      We assure and bear witness to all those who will jointly and singly inspect the present document that, for the greater glory of Almighty God and the veneration of His Saints, we have acknowledged that these holy particles are   from the Bones of St. Ignatius Loyola,
which we have taken from their authentic place and reverently placed in a  case in the shape of a silver circle, decorated with crystal, firmly closed and bound with a silk ribbon of a red colour, and signed with our seal, and that we have handed them over with permission to keep for oneself, to take outside the City, and to expose for the public veneration of the faithful. However we remind the faithful into whose hands these sacred relics have now come, or will come in future, that they may on no account sell them nor exchange them for articles which are intended to be traded.

                       As proof of this we have issued instructions that this testimonial document, signed below by Ourselves or by my most excellent Deputy, and confirmed by our seal, should be made ready by the below signed Guardian of Holy Relics.

                       Rome,  from our House on the  30th  day of the month of  December  in the year 1964.

[two signatures]

Registration  No. 1975